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Configurator automatically selects the desired type of car adapter AUX Link depending on the brand , model and year of your car.

How to connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod to the car stereo and have a possibility to:

  • Listen to high quality music using the car stereo;
  • Connect most mobile devices to the car stereo (such as Android, Windows Phone, or iOS smartphones or tablets, as well as MP3 players, laptops, and netbooks);
  • Control the music playback using the standard buttons on the steering wheel, the car stereo or iPhone, iPad, iPod;
  • Play quality music from any mobile devices with 3.5 mm audio mini jack thanks to the built-in high-quality MP3 sound processor;
  • Charge iPhone, iPod, or iPad devices while listening to your favorite tracks;
  • Play all formats of music files.

And even more benefits. You also get:

  • Easy Plug & Play connection;
  • The AUX Link car adapter is the best replacement to FM modulator or FM transmitter;
  • When you turn on the car ignition, music immediately starts playing;
  • The playback will continue from the point where you stopped listening (useful to learn foreign languages when driving and listen to audio books);
  • The car stereo displays the playlist number, the track number and its playback time;
  • The AUX Link adapter requires no additional power supply.

Buy the AUX Link car adapter and get all of the above in your car.

The AUX Link car adapter installs under the car dashboard, plugs into the audio jack of the car stereo, and two cables having an Apple connector and a 3.5 mm audio mini jack are extended to the interior of the car.

Optionally, you can order a Bluetooth (Hands Free) dongle that allows you to use the AUX Link adapter as a Hands Free set and play music in your car using wireless connection.

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To purchase:

  1. Select the brand of your car;
  2. Select your model from the generated list;
  3. Select year;
  4. Click on «Choose»

Based on these data, the system could then choose the type of adapter for your car.